09 Oct 2013
Match Day Etiquette

Match Day Etiquette

Caterham Preparatory School regards the whole match day experience as an important part of sporting life. Integral to this is ‘Sports Match Teas’. It is the school’s expectation that all pupils participating in sports fixtures against other schools will attend ‘Sports Match Teas’ after each game or fixture. Please note on the fixture list the expected time of finish and discharging pupils to parents.

‘Sports Match Tea’ gives the pupils an ideal opportunity to get to know children from other schools and to also bond with their own team mates. The same expectations exist for both fixtures that are home and/ or away. After a match and before ‘Sports Match Tea’ all pupils should get changed into their full tracksuit unless otherwise notified by the member of staff in charge. A high standard of personal good manners is expected by pupils in terms of politeness, pleases and thank you’s. Caterham School is highly respected by other schools and it is important that all pupils convey themselves as ambassadors of the school. If for any reason a pupil is unable to attend match tea then Mr Bartlett or Mrs Willimas must be notified in writing (email) by parents 24 hours prior to the game; and not on the day, or at the end of the fixture.

During home ‘Sports Match Tea’ Caterham pupils should ensure that all the opposition have received their tea before receiving theirs. Pupils should remain seated until staff have thanked the opposition for the fixture and are guided to clear away. During the match tea pupils may not to join their parents in the parent’s tea area and we politely request that parents do not encourage this. At the end of match tea pupils should wait until they are dismissed by the member of staff in charge to their parents if they are in attendance. If pupil’s parents are not present at match tea they will be escorted back to the Prep School where they will be dismissed into their parents care from there.

After matches it is Caterham School’s expectation that all pupils will leave the school premises dressed appropriately either in full school uniform or their full tracksuit.